I'm always veganizing recipes that I love...so...I'm working my way
through all of the amazing recipes in Julia Child's
Mastering the Art of French Cooking...
...making a Vegan Version of each one...... sometimes successfully - sometimes not...Recipe Count 543/524 (from Julie's count)...but really 629

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Julia really does expect you to spend all afternoon in the kitchen - but for this recipe it was so worth it - as this is just about the best thing I have ever eaten in my entire life! I'm showing you a glimpse of the finished product as it was truly unbelievable... Vegans will have a little bit more prep time as they have to make their 'meat' first... I used Tracy's recipe for Filet Mignon - I had printed it out a while ago and had been wanting to try it and this was the perfect opportunity... ...it's not rocket science and it really didn't take that long - just measure your dry ingredients... ...add your blended wet ingredients... ...mix... ...knead... ...cover and let rest... ...slice into bite sized pieces for this recipe... ...a little olive oil and 'facon' in a casserole... ...sauté the 'boeuf' in some oil... ...until nice and brown - then remove to toweling to drain... ...use the same oil to sauté some onion and carrots... ...also until nice and brown... ...put everything back in the casserole - add some salt - and dust with flour - stir and put in the oven to brown the flour - about 4 minutes... ...then add your bouillon and wine - and pop it back into the oven... ...meanwhile - sauté your little pearl onions in some stock - and add your mushrooms - sautéed in vegan margarine - Julia also expects you to use a lot of pots... ...doesn't that already look divine - take everything out and wash your casserole - add everything back - including your mushrooms and onions... ...back into the oven - and now it's done - it smells wonderful and looks more like actual meat than anything I've ever made - kinda weird... Julia says to serve with boiled potatoes and peas - those are of course some of last year's potatoes - still trying to use those up and we added some carrots to our peas... This was such a wonderful hearty and warming meal - I don't know how many times I made nummy sounds during this meal - but a lot... Here's an online recipe - Boeuf Bourguignon - don't let the 45 (YIKES!) steps scare you - it was so totally worth every minute! Substitutions: Tracy's Filet Mignon for the Boeuf Facon for the bacon


  1. Wow, that looks like some amazing comfort food!

  2. This looks very good and I am going to try it. Did you follow the recipe - to the letter - or did you leave out or substitute some of the seasonings.

    I now have to find equivalents here in Chichester!

    I've heard of seitan before, but this inspires me to try it.

  3. Oh wow! I am so excited about this site!

  4. i agree - wow!! looks wonderful!

    love, k

  5. It looks so good I can almost taste it!

  6. Looks really really hearty and delish. Is the "beef" a sort of seitan (vital wheat gluten and water and seasonings)? I make "chicken" seitan at least twice a month and freeze some, will have to try it "beef" style too. Love your descriptions and photos, makes you feel almost like trying to cook a Julia meal!

  7. This looks just heavenly! Can you come and cook for me. LOL! :) Thank you for sharing all of the details.

  8. I just discovered your blog and as a fellow vegan food lover and cook i am just so excited to get started on your recipes! Keep them up! Just wondering if you still have a copy of Tracy's Vegan filet mignon (seitan) as her blog no longer exists and my tummy is rumbling! If so could you post it?! Merci! Blessings

  9. To Heather -
    I'm sorry that I am finding you a year late, but the recipe was caught up by the Internet Archive! http://web.archive.org/web/20120124163117/http://aveganfordinner.blogspot.com/2008/04/best-damn-seitan-ive-ever-had-period.html

    I hope this helps!