I'm always veganizing recipes that I love...so...I'm working my way
through all of the amazing recipes in Julia Child's
Mastering the Art of French Cooking...
...making a Vegan Version of each one...... sometimes successfully - sometimes not...Recipe Count 543/524 (from Julie's count)...but really 629

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Vegan Beurre en Pommade

[Vegan Creamed Butter]

...kind of surprised that this counts as a 'recipe'...but if you look at this MtAoFC as an instruction manual of sorts...as Craig Claiborne called the recipes Glorious in the first review on October 18...

"The most comprehensive, laudable, and monumental work on French Cuisine was published this week and it will probably remain as the definitive work for non-professionals. This book is for those that take fundamental delight in the pleasures of cuisine. It is written in the simplest terms possible and without compromise or condescension. The recipes are glorious."

...this is what Julia says about creaming butter...

The butter must always be creamed or beaten before the flavoring is added to it. You can blend the butter to a cream in an electric beater, pound it in a bowl with a pestle, or mash it, a bit at a time, with the back of a wooden spoon, then beat it vigorously until it is light and creamy. Then the flavorings and the butter are creamed togedrer, and the mixture is put in a cool place to firm up. If it is refrigerated, it will become as hard as an ordinary piece of chilled butter.
...I used this vegan butter...
...and just whipped it up in my stand mixer...and it definitely wound up being light and creamy...


Vegan Butter for the butter...haha...

Recipe here: Mastering the Art of French Cooking p. 100

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