I'm always veganizing recipes that I love...so...I'm working my way
through all of the amazing recipes in Julia Child's
Mastering the Art of French Cooking...
...making a Vegan Version of each one...... sometimes successfully - sometimes not...Recipe Count 322/524 (from Julie's count)...but really 658

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vegan Haricots Verts á l'Anglaise

[Buttered Green Beans I]

Julia says that buttered green beans go wtih almost anything - and I would have to agree...

...this was so simple - you just toss the hot blanched beans in a skillet over moderately high heat to evaporate the moisture...

..add some salt and pepper and top with some butter - Earth Balance of course...Julia suggests forming it into shells - I've got to get some cute little butter molds - but the fresh green beans are such a pretty dish anyway...

only Earth Balance for the butter

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  1. I love green beans and as I have Julia's book from the library I shall look up and do this recipe. We buy frozen green beans when fresh aren't available, not as good but still good enough.

    Freshly picked green beans, steamed and served hot with French dressing are eaten as asparagus in our house - yum!

    My French beans are growing nicely (a bit late in because I didn't get round to it) and I'm looking forward to eating them.